Vicky Farmer – Feelgood Factor

Following a 30 year career as a Chartered Accountant, Vicky took the opportunity to leave the accountancy profession to set up her own business.

These days we’re all living longer so it’s really important that we can maintain good health.  We live in a toxic world with the environment we live in, the way our food is produced and our modern lifestyles all working against our efforts to be the healthiest we can be.  With this in mind, in 2015, after retraining as a Nutrition Adviser, Feelgood Factor came about through Vicky’s passion to help people optimise their health through what they eat, what they put on their skin and how they clean their homes.

Vicky specialises in gut health where research has shown that when the bacteria that live in our gut get out of balance, it can have all sorts of detrimental effects on our overall health including, low energy, poor digestion, poor sleep, poor immunity, skin problems, weight gain… the list goes on. Vicky has developed a method of assessing the balance of your health and lifestyle, followed by bespoke healthy eating programmes that  will help you to rebalance your body’s microbiome and work towards elite health. Add to this a healthy approach to skincare and a reduction in the amount of harmful chemicals in the home and we’re well on the way to regaining control and making a massive difference to the long term health of ourselves and our families. Vicky can also advise on natural skincare and how to reduce chemicals around the home, giving you a truly holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle, that not only works, but is also sustainable.

When she is not working, Vicky is an active member of the Women’s Institute, an organisation whose motto is “Inspiring Women”, and she is also a qualified judge for baking and preserves so spends much of the summer at country shows and fairs judging the cakes and jams!

She is also a volunteer fundraiser for The Brooke, an equine charity that helps improve the lives of working horses and donkeys in countries where they are still relied on for transport. She has helped to raise over £100,000 in the last 12 years and is currently involved in setting up a fundraising group covering Warwickshire and the East Midlands. She is also a keen quizzer and has appeared on a number of TV quiz shows.