Tracey, Julie & two Ladies First Members have taken on the New Year sixth month challenge with Quantum Potential.  They were persuaded after listening to the lovely Tamar and Kathryn at the January Breakfast Meeting – watch this space!

The Quantum Potential 6 month program is teaching us to deal with stress positively and how to cope with anything that comes up. We are learning to uncover our inner strength, improve our flexibility, find our motivation, increase our energy, with the goal to rejuvenating both mind and body.

It is a journey of self-discovery, we are developing an unshakeable core belief that we have the answers to anything and everything that comes our way.

We are learning how to focus the mind to develop mental calm and deep insight. Learning how to connect to our breath and to create space in our body by using conscious meditative movement and long-held yoga postures. We are learning how to see problems more clearly and dispassionately, setting aside negative emotions, relaxing physically, and creating a positive belief system.

The programme consists of 5 workshops, each with a different theme, followed up by regular weekly mind/body movement classes. In each workshop, we look to expand the mind through inspiring talks that help you to recognise and challenge your preconceptions. We then embed that new learning by bringing it into the physical body, through a series of specially designed mind/body sessions, drawing on yin yoga, somatic movement, breath-work and mindfulness.