Perm Bassi

Perm Bassi – MD of Unique Therapies

At Unique Therapies we understand the realities of hectic and high pressure lifestyles resulting in negative effects on the body, mind and spirit.

“Let’s put a rhythm back into your step”

Are you feeling:

Overwhelmed, Lethargic, Confused and Unsettled. Stressed Or Burnt out (Professionally /Personally), Poor Work/Life Balance, Lack of Inspiration.

Unique Therapies is an investment in time, balance and inner peace, but most of all an investment in YOU!

Mother Nature as solutions for us!

Unique Therapies offers a safe haven just for you; to focus on reducing the Mental Clutter of daily life and bring a balance back to your life.

Using Energy Medicine known as Bio Resonance, the latest in innovative technology, we can work on a process with a fine tuned combination of energetic therapy techniques tailored to best suit your needs.

Bio resonance is a non invasive, passive and gentle treatment which scans the body looking for imbalances, whilst applying energetic remedies to bring the body back to balance. By working with the body, Bio Resonance gets your internal cells communicating with each other – it helps kick start the body into working more efficiently repairing mental, emotional and physical ailments.

Unique Therapies also offer a full range of healing techniques passed down through generations working with Reiki, Indian Head or body massage, allowing powerful energy to express itself as each individual needs, and ultimately bring balance and reconnection.