Muna Chauhan

Muna is a result-driven professional with comprehensive experience in areas of Business Development, Sales, Fundraising, Community Engagement, Customer Service and PR/Marketing. Over the last 18 years she has been in involved in fundraising activities which has raised over £20 Million for hospice, health, education, children, elderly, arts, & community projects in the UK, and International Development Charities & NGOs across the World. Muna is well versed in providing cross-functional leadership and overseeing associated functions to include strategic planning and alliances, new business development, resource alignment, partnerships, sponsorships, account management, media relations, regulatory compliance, team building and stakeholder engagement.

Muna is a detail-oriented individual capable of leveraging her extensive charitable/third/public sector experience to drive the continued achievement of organisational objectives. She is known as a versatile contributor with experience in all functions, exceptional communication and leadership skills and a continued commitment to surpassing income generation targets. Muna has managed & led successful Fundraising & Business Development Teams & provided consultation to a host of Charities, Corporate Organisations and Voluntary Organisations on business development, fundraising, community engagement & social impact strategies. Her specialities include: corporate, community, high net worth, major donors, trust & foundations and events fundraising, campaign/event management, strategy development, marketing & PR, public speaking, event hosting, coaching & training.

Muna is an individual who meets challenges head on – an attribute which has been evident throughout her career. Prior to joining Zoe’s Place as Corporate Fundraiser eight years ago, Muna had spent ten years working for various International Disaster Relief Charities which took her to far flung regions such as Africa, India, USA and Sri Lanka as well as throughout the UK. It was a role she relished although her hunger for adventure did not stop on joining Zoe’s Place in her hometown of Coventry. From day one she hit the ground running and has certainly since made her mark, engaging with businesses throughout Coventry & Warwickshire securing funds to ensure that Zoe’s Place was able to meet its annual £1.2 million target.

But it didn’t stop there, over the years Muna has seized every opportunity to help boost her fundraising on a personal level which has seen her take teams of avid adventurers to climb Kilimanjaro, run two half marathons, walk the Great Wall of China and cross the Himalayas and raising over £200,000. Indeed, she is well on the way to embark on her latest adventure with plans already in place for her and others she has recruited to take part in this year’s Everest Base Camp challenge.

In her new role, as Head of Fundraising and Marketing, Muna plans to attack the challenges ahead with the same level of energy. This year, she is planning the roadmap ahead which will involve her working with the team to create more fundraising opportunities, including the charity’s 10th anniversary celebrations in 2021 and increasing the number of volunteers to help extend Zoe’s Place further out into the region. Crucially she also plans to raise the annual fundraising target of £1.2 million by a further £300,000 which will enable the hospice to open a much needed fifth cot as well as introduce new services such as play therapy, hydrotherapy and end of life counselling.

Muna is an individual who is braving the odds and making a real difference to the lives of so many different people in society. She strives to ensure that people from all backgrounds in particular women; young people, the disadvantaged and vulnerable are given the opportunity to gain confidence, training, empowerment skills and self awareness skills. She has made it possible for individuals to be sufficiently empowered, informed and supported in order to make a strong impact on ethics, values and governance. She is a tireless advocate for both the community’s interests as well as global interests. She continues to fight social ills plaguing society and encourages people with a vision for the future which they might not have otherwise seen. Her dedication to community work has resulted in increased awareness and recognition of culturally sensitive issues among different Faiths, Service Providers and Governments. Her calls to action have been heard at the highest levels of both national and global governance and she is a spokesperson for those without a voice. Muna is a ‘Champion’ and an exemplary public servant both professionally and in the voluntary sector, who continually helps build individuals to make a positive difference to life in the UK and has shown what can be achieved with passion and determination.

Within every individual lies the desire and capacity to create positive change…Muna is one such individual who has made this happen. Over the years, the work that she has done with great selflessness and dedication is commendable. She is an individual who has dedicated her life for the betterment of humanity and society. Through her work and integrity, her accomplishments, achievements and her inspiration to others by promoting harmony, understanding, and empowering others to follow in their pursuit of worthwhile endeavours, has made her a role model for women across the globe.


In her voluntary capacity, Muna also actively participates in solving issues facing society. She is an exemplary individual with tremendous humility, but her commitment to give back to society overshadows everything else, proving that “to give is a bigger gift than receiving”. She is the recipient of several notable awards and appointments for achievement:

  •   Presented “The Points of Light Award” by Prime Minister David Cameron for her tireless work in empowering women and young people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds:
  •   Invited to a Reception by Her Majesty The Queen Buckingham Palace in recognition of her fundraising and charitable work:
  •   Presented the “Third Sector Organisation of the Year Award” at the Coventry Telegraph Business Awards: business-17299950
  •   Presented the “International Women’s Day Award” by the Lord Mayor of Coventry: achievement-award/6708.html
  •   Finalist for the 6th British Indian Awards in the Woman of the Year category: awards-presented-by-cashfinex-are-revealed/
  •   Appointed Faith Advisor for the Near Neighbours Fund:“Muna has been a huge asset to Zoe’s Place since she first joined, and she was a natural successor for the position of Head of Fundraising & Communications for Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice. It is a role however that is not without its challenges with the majority of our annual target having to come from the local community through corporate support, donations and regular giving. We are confident however that Muna will embrace the challenges whole heartedly and we wish her every success”
    ~ Joan Stainsby – Executive Trustee of Zoe’s Place“Muna has been a tremendous asset to Zoe’s and will be incredibly hard to replace. She has touched so many people’s lives whilst at the same time bringing them in to the Zoë’s family and that’s what we have all become – a family. The one thing she isn’t is shy- always happy to get stuck in whatever the task. And when she gets the bit between her teeth in pursuit of a new opportunity there is no stopping her. The analogy to a Rottweiler doesn’t even cut it. The highlights of her career at Zoë’s are too many to mention but what she does leave is a legacy – the challenges, the business group and of course newly built capital project – The Hive at the Hospice” ~ Celeste Clarke – Managing Director of Century PR

    “Muna is just phenomenal, from the first call her passion and enthusiasm was contagious. For me the stand out moment was day 4 on Kilimanjaro. After a long tiresome day trekking we are all sat down to dinner broken and exhausted, Muna arrives with a surprise box of letters from our relatives saying how proud of us they were – not a dry eye in the house”
    ~ Trevor Rigley – CSR Lead at Leicestershire Co-op

    “Muna has worked hard over the years to get the right people working together to ensure that the Zoë’s Place Business Group Annual Charity Ball is a success and that funds raised increase year on year. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with, her professionalism, reliability, knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious and this has been proven with the success of the Charity Ball and her work within the corporate world”

    ~ Pete Jarvis – Managing Director of Contechs and Patron of Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice

Founded in 1995, Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice provides specialist care and facilities for families with children suffering from life limiting or life threatening conditions. There are three hospices, the first opened in 1995 in Liverpool, Middlesbrough in 2004 and Coventry in 2011. Each hospice is individually responsible with raising the money-needed to fund their own work and Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice in Coventry needs £1.2million each year to fund the current level of work.

Zoë’s Place in Coventry is the only facility in the Midlands providing respite, palliative and end of life care to babies and children up to the age of five. All the children who attend Zoë’s Place are either life limited or life threatened due to their wide range of complex needs. Currently, we are able to provide care for approximately 40 families, each receive 2 nights respite per month, but this is also provided on an emergency basis when needed. This respite gives caregivers the chance to recharge their batteries or spend time with their other children. The benefits this provides to families is impossible to measure; many tell us that they would not be able to cope without the support from our team.

All babies and children, no matter their condition or illness need to be able to play, be stimulated and enjoy every moment. It is important to us that during their time at Zoë’s Place, they are able to enjoy our full range of therapies when they are spending time at the hospice. These therapies help those with learning and developmental difficulties or sensory impairments learn to interact with the world around them in a safe environment; building up their confidence and ability.

The children staying at Zoë’s Place have a huge range of complex needs, but the use of music as therapy provides a range of benefits:

  • Music is an extremely powerful tool for expression and the change and positive impact on the babies and children’s overall well-being is easy to see during a session.
  • Music can touch our emotions deeply and allows babies to communicate with no words.
  • The use of music in an interactive way has proven effects on brain development.
  • A small baby is often overwhelmed with external stimuli and music can help the brain organise and stay calm.

Ensuring that each child staying at Zoë’s Place is stimulated and able to make memories is vital to the whole team at the hospice. We need to fund a range of therapies each week to ensure that all children are able to enjoy, develop and make memories while at Zoë’s Place.

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice relies on the generosity of public donations to fund our work and we need to raise £1.2 million each year to fund the services we provide.  We are working towards increasing our income by £100,000 to make it possible to open a fifth room at the hospice so we are able to help more babies and their families than ever before.

Your support would make a real difference to the service we can provide to ill and terminal babies and children who use Zoë’s Place, helping them make important memories and improve their quality of life.