Helen Leathers

Spreading The Magic Limited

Telephone No: 07940 826262

Email Address: helen@helenleathers.com

With such busy lives it’s natural to feel exhausted.We juggle life, we’re pulled in every direction, and we feel guilty whatever we do.

Despite this busy-ness we often feel like something is missing.

I help ladies to feel energised, connected and fulfilled. I help them rediscover their purpose and get back in flow.

Imagine living more in flow with life, and being able to trust that the universe has our back every step, fully believing that beauty and serendipity are all around us, all of the time.

I work with ladies to help them reconnect, with themselves, with each other, with life, and with the universe – or whatever you would like to call that huge energy out there. Yes, sometimes it seems to send hurdles, challenges and curveballs, but at other times it feels like it’s totally on our side, sending the right people at the right times, as if by magic.