Jen McDonald – Everett Mead LTD

Everett Mead is an Award Winning Insurance Broker and as Co Founder & Accounts Director for Everett Mead not only am I a key decision maker, I provide the billing platform and interaction between the sales and accounts teams to ensure that our customers are provided with the correct information at point of sale and a contact at all times should account questions be raised. Liaising directly with the insurers billing teams providing a valuable behind the scenes service.

I also deal with all back office related accounts such as Tax, Companies house, Accounts filing, Payroll, Banking, reconciliation, insurer statements and forecasting.
Alongside accounts I also deal with the marketing and office management side of the business.

In addition to Everett Mead I also spend a lot of my free time dedicating my time to local charities with the last 2 events raising £110,000