Wednesday 25th April 2018. The Angel Hotel, Leamington Spa 12-2:00pm

Guest Speaker: Izabella Natrins BSc, CGP

Izabella an Ambassador for Breast Cancer UK – a charity dedicated to researching the environmental causes of breast cancer and promoting risk reduction.  More women (and men) than ever before are being diagnosed and Izabella will talk to us about how to reduce our breast cancer risk.

  • In 1966, 1 in 12 women were predicted to get diagnosed with breast cancer over their lifetime
  • In 2001, it was 1 in 9
  • Now, the figure is 1 in 8
  • And, 1 in 5 of these will be under the age of 50

With better knowledge, we can make better lifestyle choices for ourselves and our families.  Izabella will explain:

  • How breast cancer develops;
  • Risk factors for breast cancer;
  • Why oestrogen is significant for breast cancer; and
  • Simple ways to reduce our risk, our family’s risk and lead a healthier life.

Izabella is a Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coach, qualified nutritional chef, a Certified GAPS (Digestive Healing) Practitioner and a former health research psychologist.

She focuses on women’s health – because if not us, then who?  Her special interests include thyroid problems, pre/T2diabetes, weight gain and obesity, hormonal dysfunction, intestinal/digestive issues and autoimmune conditions – all conditions that can and have been reversed through supporting people with simple but important food and lifestyle changes – like nutrient-dense foods, quality sleep, daily movement, conscious stress management, clean environment and social connection.