Wednesday 5th September 2017. Binswood Hall Leamington Spa.

Guest Speaker: Norman Brown – Norman Brown Wellbeing coach.

Norman Brown PT and Wellbeing Coach offers a health and Wellbeing service to organisations looking to help their employees achieve healthier lifestyle, fitness, greater energy and reduce stress.

Providing a comprehensive health MOT lasting an hour measuring everything from weight, body compositions and blood analysis to assess a client’s individual risk of developing lifestyle diseases in the future, with advice on making improvements and a full confidential report on their condition.

Assessments can be rerun at quarterly intervals to evaluate new outcomes based on following the advice and attending exercise or several workshops to support their progress.

With absenteeism costing the UK economy £29 billion a year and the average employee having 9.1 days of sick leave through Illness due to poor lifestyle and lack of exercise, the effect on your business in lost productivity interrupted service, additional staff cover can be considerable.

The benefits to your company of adopting a wellbeing programme both tangible and intangible are wide can be seen by improvements in energy at work, increased positivity, less stress, less illness, lower absenteeism as demonstrated within a happier work environment.

Organisations which offer a wellbeing programme are creating a culture where everyone can live a healthier lifestyle, this works best where employees share the experience of doing things together, in the same way as any social interaction is enjoyed if shared with others.

Companies running team bonding events already see these benefits. A wellbeing programme is an extension of the team building concept but differs by offering an individual consultation opportunities to participate in group activities.

Starting activity clubs like walking, cycling and early morning relaxation or education based workshops like cooking, understanding healthy eating held around the workday.

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Ps having completed over 2000 assessments I have seen people achieve amazing results from the advice given and on occasions, they have been life changing.

Norman Brown Wellbeing coach, improving people lives

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