Emma Carter – Bytesize Tuition

I am a professional lady with a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering with Management. I started my working career as a software engineer in the telecommunications industry. My professional career path took me to become a senior manager, I became the Head of VoIP (Voice Over IP) for Fujitsu and was the only female member of staff on the leadership team.

After the birth of my second child I found it increasingly challenging dealing with the demands of a very male dominant environment and bring up my children. As a favour to a friend I took on a couple of students in my spare time and started teaching them Maths to allow them to enter the 11+ exams.

I realised that I had a real aptitude for teaching children and found it extremely rewarding, this then made me to take a look at my career. In 2014 I left Fujitsu and took on a couple more students and even spent time within schools to see if I wanted to pursue a career in teaching. I eventually decided that the tuition was where my strengths lay so in 2015 I started Bytesize Tuition.

I tutor children and adults in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and IT for A Level, GCSE, SATs, 11+, Entrance Exams and confidence boosting. I have had almost 100 students since I started the business in 2015, and I have established the business on recommendations alone.

As well as tutoring I provide IT services in the form of Web Design, Social Media use and consultation services to businesses.