Dani Saveker

Dani Saveker - Jan 2014

Dani Saveker
CEO and Founder Families in Business

Dani Saveker founded Families in Business (FiB) to ensure support, resources, tools and a neutral community exists for family businesses. FiB delivers membership, events, tools, workshops and a growing network of business advisers and suppliers that echo FiB’s ethos – to deliver a relevant, informed go-to support network for family businesses, including SMEs.

Dani was formerly the fourth generation and CEO in her own family’s manufacturing business, where she spearheaded a major management and shareholder restructure, led a recovery plan following a devastating fire, learnt to weld, electroplate and polish, carried out an MBO, acquired businesses and managed multiple sites.

This has given her first-hand experience of the complexities of family businesses, and underpins the structure and approach of FiB, which Dani created to put these experiences to good use and make a difference for family businesses, so they have support and don’t feel the loneliness that she often did when CEO of the family firm.

As an entrepreneurial woman in business, Dani has faced a diversity of challenges – beginning with being the first female family member to enter the family business, which was named T Saveker & Sons, which Dani says, meant the writing was very much ‘above the door’!

Contact Dani Saveker:
Tel: 07812 99 27 26
Email: dani@fibcommunity.com Web: www.fibcommunity.com.