Dy Holme

Whilst working as sales and marketing manager at the award-winning Electric Wharf development in Coventry, little did I know that we would feature on the well-loved property programme ‘To Buy or Not To Buy’ and that I was to work in the TV industry and end up working in front of camera as opposed to behind it.  So here I am today, photographer and stylist specialising in brand photography and making you and your business / product / interior / lifestyle look bloomin lovely!   And, just in case you are wondering, I am still dipping in and out of TV as and when called upon.  Happy days!

A Little Bit More …….

Lifestyle:  I am a life-long vegetarian with a crazy passion for crisps. Especially Paprika flavour!

Born:  In Wigan, where they eat pies all the time, but they never made vegetarian pies, so I missed out on that one!

My Pets:  Two cheeky little chihuahuas. Mr Pickles and Monty Moo Moo, who I absolutely adore.

Most proud moment this year:  Getting ‘papped’ in Cannes with Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs).  Yeah, Yeah, I know, it’s because I am a property geek!

Most cringeworthy moment:  Looking back at footage of myself, presenting on a shopping channel, waffling on until the cows came home!

Favourite quote:  You are not a victim of circumstance; you are a prisoner of your own mind.